Personal Apps

A personal app is an easy way to explore Akahu's API - it's essentially a full blown app with the following restrictions:

  • It can only be used to access your own data. If you want to create an app that other people can use, talk to our team about requirements to begin building a full app.
  • Payments are disabled. However you can make transfers between your own connected accounts.
  • Webhooks are disabled. Webhooks are a premium feature that enable real-time responses to events. They are currently only available to full apps.


Before we make our first request, you will need:

  • To create an Akahu profile at and connect your first account.
  • A user access token (looks like user_token_111111111111111111111111)
  • An app access token (looks like app_token_111111111111111111111111)

You can get your app + user access tokens by signing into Akahu and going to the "Apps" page.

If you have not yet created a personal app, you will need to click the button labeled "Create Personal App" to create a personal app.

Once you have a personal app, it should be visible in the list of apps and can be viewed just like any other app you have connected. To find your access token, click the edit button to the right of your personal app.

Your user access token is listed under "API Key", and will start with user_token_ followed by a series of letters and numbers. Your app access token is listed under "App Token", and will start with app_token_.

Making Your First Request

To get started, make a GET request to our "me" endpoint at You will need to include these authorisation headers:

Authorization: Bearer {{user access token}}
X-Akahu-ID: {{app access token}}

Where the {{user access token}} is replaced with your user access token, and {{app access token}} with your app access token.

You will get a response in our standard response format with your user details - congratulations! You've successfully requested access to your data.

Well done! Now view our Full API Documentation or one of our Quick Start Guides and start building!